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Award Winning Writer. Award Winning Novelist. Painter of Everything.

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I’m a multi-tasker. Usually, it’s great, especially when it comes to juggling writing deadlines and story plotting. However, this multi-tasking ability occasionally results in burnt dinner and laundry hanging overnight on the line.

When Christ called me as His own, I surrendered my life to Him and began, for the first time, to live with true hope. Because of Christ, God cleanses me when I need forgiveness. Christ’s selflessness and holiness atone for my sin and selfishness. His perfect provision is limitless and contrasts my limited ability and power to accomplish anything of value on my own. In light of who He is and His continuing work in me and love for me, I stand in awe before Him, offering myself and all I do for His glory – be it writing, homeschooling our three children, or serving in ministry alongside my husband.

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