It’s a New World

I never set out to maintain a blog and a website and I suddenly find myself struggling to learn my way around this new computer crazy world.  At 35 (I can say 35 for about two more weeks!) I feel very old and outdated compared to the younger generation walking around with their iPods, iPhone, i-everything.  They text, tweet, FB, update, and carry on an “in person” conversation all at once.  It amazes me.  It took me all night to figure out how to publish this post.

I recently attended Write! Canada, a Christian writer’s conference, and learned that both of these tools might prove to be helpful in my writing career.  So I’m diving in.  Reader’s can contact me through either site (although my website is not quite ready yet – almost!).

I will do my best to keep them both updated, post links to new articles as they are published and share what is happening in my life.  I will try not to get depressed over the stats regarding how many hits I do (or don’t) get with this blog 🙂

You might find tidbits on parenting (although I am no expert), musings on current events, bits about my growing faith, and maybe (if I’m lucky,) a teaser chapter of my romance novel!  That, of course, depends on my agent finding a publisher first 🙂

Visit the “Articles by Stacey” page and enjoy the links.  They are a sampling of my published articles.  Soon I’ll post links to a column from The St Catharines Standard of which I am a privileged contributor, The Niagara Voices.  Also visit the links to my husbands blog and seminar on the right side of this page.

Until Later,


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