Unselfish Love

I was recently reminiscing with my sister about our Nan.  Afterwards I got thinking about Nan and the life she lived.  She was a great woman with a great faith.

When Nan died I was unable to fly home and attend her funeral.  That made my grief somewhat different from the rest of the family.  I worked through my sorrow by writing out my memories of Nan and sending them to the pastor conducting the funeral.  He shared on my behalf.

Months later I flew home for a visit. The minute I walked into my parents house I was flooded by memories and choking back tears.  I returned home and took a fresh look at the letter I penned for her funeral.  As a tribute to the woman who shared her faith with me I re-wrote it as a devotional that later appeared in The Secret Place.  My Nan spent her life sharing her love of God with others.  It is my prayer that reprinting this devotional will bring honor and glory to the God she loved with her whole heart.

Nan’s final words rang through my mind as I took in the news of her death.  “We may not meet again on earth,” she had said, “but I will be waiting for you in Heaven.”  As I cried over my loss, I heard the soft whisper of God’s voice: “You have a selfish love.”  My crying stopped.  “Selfish?”  Nan’s health had been failing, and she had expressed time and time again how she longed to go home to her Savior.  When God answered her prayer, he also exposed my selfishness.

We are fortunate that God’s love is not selfish.  As Jesus prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane for the cup of suffering to pass from him, he also prayed for God’s will to be done.  He could have chosen to save himself, but instead he chose to save you and me.  Christ’s death exemplifies unselfish love.

Once I was able to look past my selfishness, my torment lifted.  Yes, I would miss her terribly, but I could choose to rejoice that her deepest desire had been met and she was celebrating a new life with Jesus – a life made possible by Christ’s sacrifice and unselfish love.

Matthew 6:5-15

vs 10:  Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

Unselfish Love first appeared in the devotional, “The Secret Place” on October 30th 2008

2 thoughts on “Unselfish Love

  1. Miranda says:

    Thanks for sharing Stacey..hard to believe she has been gone almost 6 years. But it’s comforting to think about her up there waiting for us!


  2. Bev Jee says:

    Very well written. It took me along time as well to come to terms with Mum’s passing and like you I can see now I was only thinking of myself and not what Mum had wanted. She has her reward and I am happy for her and I know I will see her again some day. In the meantime I just carry on where Mum left off, living and serving our wonderful Lord and Savior!


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