Mirror Mirror on the wall

Everywhere you look there seems to be an abundance of mirrors.  In the local mall there are walls of mirrors reflecting shoppers.  Our visor in the car has a small mirror on the back that flips down for convenience.  In our home we have 6 mirrors to check attire, hair, and makeup (my make-up – Kev goes au-natural).

I wonder how different life would be if a mirror reflected the condition of our heart instead of our outer shell.  Would we be more Christ-like if we could easily see the spiritual state of our soul or would there simply be fewer mirrors in the world?

A friend recently shared how most of her frustrating parenting experiences are a result of her selfishness.  She no longer gets to watch TV at 8pm.  8 pm is Junior’s bedtime.  She no longer has the freedom to come and go at will; she has a little one to care for.  She’s found when she is most irritated; it is because she is not getting what she wants.  Her child requires something else from her.  This realization was a wake-up call.

That made me think about my frustrating week.  I got a glimpse at myself through the magic mirror of Christ’s eyes.  I wasn’t nearly as attractive as I expected and I was looking uglier and uglier by the second.  God gave me a peek into my selfish heart and I was ashamed.

How He can love me like He does?  I am glad that God’s heart is purer than mine.  I am glad that his Holy Spirit is an encourager.  I am thankful His desire is to put my best interests first – every time.  He sacrificed his only son on my behalf.  He gave up everything to pursue what I needed most in life, a relationship with Him through a relationship with his Son.  It’s always been about what I needed, not what I wanted.

No matter what direction I take in life God is the constant voice of love.  He is the gentle wooing in my heart.  He is the stability that I desire in an unstable world.  I have vowed afresh to be this kind of parent to my daughter.  I will be an encourager.  I will put her best interests first.  I may not be able to (or should) give her all her wants but I will sacrifice whatever it takes to meet her needs.

With God, all things are possible (Matt 19:26).

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