From Bad to Worse

Have you ever had a week that went from bad to worse?  I think we all have to some degree.  I was having one such week.  Just when I thought it couldn’t get worse, it did.  When I cried out, “God, I can’t take any more!” he allowed another blow to fall.

I struggled under the weight of the age-old question, why?

It would have been pretty easy for me to wallow in self-pity but God in his mercy planted a spirit of hope inside my heart.  All the while a promise turned over and over inside my head.  “God will not give me more than I can bear.”

That week I learned I could handle a lot more than I ever thought.

Then, mixed in with the early morning fog and drops of dew pooling on the leaves, was fresh evidence of God’s mercy and his reliability to follow through on his promises.

Parked right where my car usually sat laid a humongous branch from the Elm tree in our yard.  The storm from the previous night had ripped it off the trunk and plummeted it to the ground.  It came to rest in the very spot we parked our car every night.  Despite our spot being vacant my husband pulled two lengths ahead and halted in front of the neighbour’s home.  He doesn’t know why, but I do.

God, in His infinite mercy and omnipotent power, held back the very thing that might have toppled me over the edge.  I will never forget how He protected me in that simple yet powerful way.

I snipped a twig off the branch to remind me that when life hits hard and the blows feel too much to bear God is filtering my day into manageable portions.  He doesn’t always prevent bad news or events, but He will not allow more than I can manage.  Thank you, God.

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