With Thanksgiving upon us I can’t help but reflect back upon the meaning of the holiday.  This celebration that occurs on the second Monday in October is traditionally associated with giving thanks to God at the end of harvest season and expressing gratitude for his provision.  Even though I am not a farmer in any way shape or form (I have a bit of a black thumb rather than a green one!) when I saw the generous bounty spread across my table I couldn’t help but feel thankful to live in where the local produce is so plentiful and good.

This tradition of giving thanks provides a great opportunity to create memories.  Traditions are a wonderful way to mark the passing of another year.  A common thanksgiving tradition is where each person shares one thing for which they are thankful.  Once that is mastered the tradition can expand to encourage family members to overflow with everyday thankfulness.

Imagine what that might look like!  In the long line at the grocery store it is a patient attitude of thankfulness for having enough money to purchase groceries.  If it rains on a day you planned outdoor activities you can be thankful God waters our fields and gardens.  If there is heavy traffic you can be thankful you have a car and have a job to drive to each morning.  See how it works?  Look for the blessing.

What are you thankful for and how do you show it?  This Thanksgiving purposefully create your own Thanksgiving traditions to express why you are thankful.  Allow them to establish a special identity for you and your family.

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