A little boy recently asked Kevin about heaven.  He expressed his intense desire to go there because that’s where his daddy is.  It was a perfectly understandable desire from a child missing his father.

That made me think about my desire to go to Heaven.  Why do I want to go there?  Is it because it is better than the alternative (H- E- double hockey sticks)?  Is it because my loved ones will be there?  Is it because I have a longing to be in my Father’s presence?

Is it wrong to look forward to seeing my loved ones?  Does that somehow detract from my love for God?

Randy Alcorn writes, “Some falsely assume that when we give attention to people it automatically distracts us from God. But even now, in a fallen world, people can turn my attention to God. Was Jesus distracted from God by spending time with people on Earth? Certainly not. In Heaven, no person will distract us from God. We will never experience any conflict between worshiping God himself and enjoying God’s people. Our source of comfort isn’t only that we’ll be with the Lord in Heaven but also that we’ll be with each other. We’ll sit at feasts not only with God, but with his people. That is his design, and we should look forward to it.”

My desire to spend eternity with God stems from an ache to be in his presence.  But that doesn’t mean I’m not looking forward to the rest – I am.  I am excited about long-awaited family reunions, to get to know those taken from me way too early, or to make friends with someone who lived and died long before my birth.  God designed us for both a relationship with him but also with others.

Check out Randy Alcorn’s blog at: http://www.epm.org/blog/

3 thoughts on “Heaven

  1. Jo Penner says:

    God made us to be in relationship. We yearn to know both Him and see our loved ones again. I personally find that my curiousity about heaven and my understanding of our Heavenly Father has increased because I think of my dad up in heaven. … Now that I think about it , my dad’s probably fishing with Peter right now :).


  2. Lynn Middleton says:

    I find myself a lot more willing to speak of my faith since Andrew died. Our relationship with the Lord and the peace I have in my heart (even though I miss his earthly presence). I long to be with my Heavenly Father someday but I have to admit that knowing Andrew is there changes things…but not in a bad way. I believe that God uses all circumstances to bring peopole closer to him.


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