Adopting Again!!

For the next few weeks my blog will be devoted to introducing readers to our newest additions in the Weeks family and chronicling our journey through our second adoption.

Last week at this time we had grand plans for the holiday season, huge commitments at church, and a home based business flourishing.  Now, our seasonal plans have been scaled back, we have handed off many commitments, and the business is on hiatus.  Why?  One long-awaited phone call.

We have been praying for years that God would expand our family and bless us with more children.  Last week we were told about two boys, ages two and three, in need of a forever home.  After meeting them and reading about their history we feel a great sense of peace moving forward and proceeding with adoption.  It’s been seven days since that first phone call and everything has changed.

Today we go to their foster home to get to know them, to play with them, and start the transition process into our home.  We plan to visit every day until they are ready to move.  Tomorrow we hope to bring Kaitlyn to introduce her to her new brothers.  She is beyond excited.

So, if you’re at all interested in joining us on this journey check back as often as you like.  We’ll post pictures once Family and Children Services allows us too.  You can subscribe to the blog to enable our adoption updates to go directly to your inbox by entering your e-mail address in the bar to the right, clicking “sign me up,” and following the instructions.

As I write this first entry I am excited, nervous, and beyond grateful.  God is good and His timing is perfect.  Please pray for us, for Kaitlyn, and Jonathan and Nicholas as we get to know one another in the days and weeks to come.

4 thoughts on “Adopting Again!!

  1. Heather Eby says:

    Hi Stacey…I signed up to receive your blog updates today. Following ever so slightly on Facebook is not enough! I remember so well sitting on your sofa and looking at the book you had made for Kaitlyn after she arrived. I had color on my head, a cape on and tears rolling down my cheeks. To this day it is a precious memory for me to have known you during that time. Ebb and I both are so thrilled for your family – and I know that all the glory goes to our Lord! Praying you have an absolutely wonderful journey towards bringing your boys home, and then may Gods strength and grace be with you as you build your new family! I know the Lords face is shining on the Weeks family today – bask in His glory Stacey, it’s for you!


  2. staceyweeks says:

    Thank you so much everyone! It is a blessing and an answer to prayer and it has also brought back to mind our experience adopting Kaitlyn. We too hope and pray for a smooth transition and covet your prayers for us.


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