First Visit

If anyone reading followed our blog from our previous trip to China to adopt Kaitlyn in 2005 you’ll remember Kevin’s many references to potty humor.  There was potty humor connected to the flight, potty humor connected to the odd holes in the ground used as toilets, and potty humor connected to the celebration we had when Kaitlyn took care of business in a timely manner after coming into our care.

This time around you’ll hopefully find less toilet humor, although two boys in the midst of potty training is a ripe field for Kevin’s funny bone.  Kevin will be posting a few updates as we go along and I’m sure you’ll recognize his distinct voice in his entries.

Our first visit went extremely well.  Thank you for all your prayers.  I don’t typically go with the flow as well as Kevin and was quite nervous as we pulled up to the house.  But as soon as we entered an incredible feeling of peace and calm surrounded me and I was able to fully enjoy being greeted by two excited little boys.

When we walked in they both spied the two toy school buses we brought as gifts with eager eyes and itchy fingers.  Those buses were our ticket in!  It didn’t take long for them to drag us down to the floor to play.  Over the course of the morning they warmed up to us eventually cuddling in our arms.  They read stacks of books with us snuggling right in and enjoying every moment.  Jonathan especially loved the lift the flap style we brought from home.

They called us Mommy and Daddy right away, coached from their foster mom (who goes by Nanny). Like most toddlers they were thrilled to be the center of attention for the morning.  Nanny and our case worker stayed with us but somewhat removed themselves from the visit.  Nanny re-directed to boys to us for help ‘fixing’ the toys and before long they were turning to us for comfort and hugs.

Our schedule for the next two weeks is insanely busy.  We visit every day and have to prepare our house for their arrival.  Our case worker has set December 10th as a tentative moving date assuming the rest of the visits go as well as this one.

Please pray for God’s hand to guide us through this process and give us the energy to complete the many tasks needed to bring them home.  We are still not allowed to post pictures, but they’ll come as soon as we can!    For now we can announce their new full names:  Jonathan David Ray Weeks (for both our fathers) and Nicholas Kevin Weeks (for daddy).

7 thoughts on “First Visit

  1. Bev Jee says:

    I am smiling as I read this blog, remembering Kevin’s postings about Katie when you got her. Even though I knew the names you had picked out I can’t help but think that Nicolas has been ‘well named’ after his daddy since you say he is the ‘imp’ in the family LOL


  2. Steph says:

    This is so special! I’m crying as I’m reading about them calling you Mommy and Daddy and seeing their full names written down and created by you! Becoming a parent is a miracle every time!


  3. Kristin says:

    Thanks for sharing with us about your time spent with your sons. It is such a touching recount of your day with them and I feel so happy for you. Can’t wait for the pics.!


  4. Bev says:

    We were so very thrilled to hear your family expansion news. Know you are all in our thoughts and prayers and that you can call on us for help, babysitting, love and support anytime. Sooo looking forward to seeing pic’s!


  5. Alecia says:

    Oh wow! Thank you for sharing your experience with us. What a special thing to have them cuddle and play with you. I’m just all smiles reading this.


  6. Anne says:

    Hi Stacey, love your blog! No wonder you’re a writer, I can just picture being there with you when you met your boys! Sounds like it will be a busy but joyful Christmas season in the Weeks’ household!


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