Meeting Her Brothers

This morning Kaitlyn met her brothers for the first time.  It was wonderful to watch her face light up with excitement when they said her name and how quickly she dropped to the ground when they asked her to play.  She gave each of them a Thomas the Tank train and much like yesterday’s bus it sealed her welcome with the boys and earned her a place in their heart.

Neither Jonathan nor Nicholas really understand what it means to have a new sister but they are thrilled to gain an eager playmate.

There are no words to describe the feeling that came over me to see all my children playing together for the first time.  We read books, tickled one another and laughed a lot.  There was a huge feeling of ‘rightness’ about it all.  At one point Nicholas asked where Kaitlyn was, and refused to go down the stairs until she joined us.

It has been amazing to see how God has prepared us for this day.  I can see his hand in many of our past decisions, decisions that didn’t seem significant at the time but have had a profound effect on making our transition easier.

As a mother, it is also wonderful to see how God has prepared Kaitlyn for this change.  Going from an only child to having to share her parents with two younger children is quite an adjustment.  Kevin and I often wondered how this day would stretch her.

But God’s timing is perfect.  He brought into our home a collection of children, mostly boys, of various ages over the last year and a half through my home daycare.  These kids have introduced Kaitlyn to sharing, compromise, waiting your turn, and trying new things.  She has learned that sometimes you are the leader and sometimes you are the follower.  All these things aided her as she played with her new brothers.

I am incredibly proud of her today.  She will be an amazing big sister.  And I am reminded that God is good.  All the time.

3 thoughts on “Meeting Her Brothers

  1. Bev says:

    It’s so wonderful to read about your family’s ‘coming together’. Such an incredible time of life for you all!

    I remember how I felt before we had our second child. …like a couple, with a child. When we brought home our second child it was like, WOW…we are a family. Somehow, it made it so much more complete. We continue to pray for and love you all. Thank you for the chance to be a part of such an intense and personal time for your family.


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