Our Place

Today was the first time the boys came to our place.  Foster mom dropped them off, came in to see their new room, and said good-bye.  They were so taken with their new toys in their room they didn’t fuss when she left.  That was an unexpected surprise.

We went to the mall, visited Santa and had a photo taken of the kids with him.  We enjoyed the mild weather and played in the backyard (they loved the playhouse and trampoline!).  We cuddled on the couch and watched Handy Manny and The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and we dined on Kaitlyn’s favorite meal, chicken nuggets and fries.

It all felt very normal and nice.  They boys played really well together, with Kaitlyn, or alone.  They liked their room and responded well to our house rules.

Despite Nicholas’ happy disposition and easy manner it is clear the stress of travelling between two homes is affecting him the most.  This will not be an easy transition for him.

Kaitlyn still likes her brothers (phew!).  We have noticed she desires a bit more cuddle time with mom and dad at the end of the day.  It’s an adjustment for everyone.

Tomorrow we go back to their foster home to have dinner with them and put them to bed.  Kaitlyn is able to be part of the remaining visits – which is great.  The daily visits are easing her into the big sister role a little bit at a time.

That’s all for now!

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