Baby Steps

Today’s visit was a series of baby steps.  Much like when Kaitlyn learned to walk we saw bold strides forward, staggering steps, and a few stumbles.  The boys arrived at 4pm and seemed a bit out of sorts.  They wanted to play outside.  Then they didn’t.  Then they did, and on and on…

We eventually came inside and played downstairs.  It was all fairly uneventful.  We ate a surprisingly quiet dinner and had a few power struggles which resulted in both boys choosing to sulk (much to their sister’s amusement).  However they were easily drawn out of their pout and back into interaction with us.

After dinner we got all three kids into their jammies and watched Frosty the Snowman.  Nicholas made a charge toward me and almost knocked the breath from my lungs as he knocked me back and cuddled in for about half the movie.  His contentment in my lap was a nice surprise since he normally looks to Kevin for cuddles.

Kaitlyn slept the whole way to Fort Erie and both boys hummed in their car seats an off-tune rendition of Jingle Bells.  When we arrived Foster Nanny was not home so we played in the front seats of the van while waiting for her.  Our final surprise came when both boys didn’t want to say goodbye to us tonight.  We drove home a bit stunned at how quickly their loyalty is shifting from Foster Nanny to us.

After a plethora of hugs and kisses Nicholas sat on the floor with his back to us, mad that we would dare leave him.  Jonathan wouldn’t let go of our legs and dragged out the good-bye as long as possible.  Kaitlyn giggled at their antics.

It’s not that we are happy they are sad to see us go, but it gives us hope that the transition can be made and they will both settle into our home.  We are seeing small steps forward.  One day at a time.

5 thoughts on “Baby Steps

  1. Anne says:

    Kids are so resilient! I am so glad that the boys are beginning to want to be with you instead of their Nanny. There will come a day when you look back and wonder how could our boys not always have been ours as they will be in your hearts and you in theirs!


  2. Carol Greenwood says:

    Thank you Stacey and Kevin for letting us look into this window of family life at the Weeks.
    Blessing to all and to all a good nite.


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