Something Special

Yesterday we didn’t get to see the boys and as a result the whole day felt a bit odd.  Today they came at 9:30 am.  When they tumbled in the door all smiles and giggles I was hit with how much I missed them yesterday and how happy I was to see them today.

Like every Friday, Kevin was off today so we had a fairly quiet morning.  Having Daddy around sure made everything easier, including nap time!  We divided and conquered: Jon in our room and Nic in his.  I felt like we’d accomplished a major victory when they both rested.

Kaitlyn has been anxious to get the tree up since the calendar flipped over to December so Kevin dragged in the Christmas tree and nine huge bins from the garage.  The bins are currently piled in the hallway and we’ll pick away at it as we have time but the tree is up.  Undecorated, but up.

Dinner was an amusing as both boys ate us under the table.  They came with their appetites today and I can see keeping them fed could be challenging.

When we took the boys back to Foster Nanny both boys cried.  After some hugs and kisses Foster Nanny shooed them around the corner and Kevin started loading the van with a few of their things to make our final trip a week from today less cumbersome.  The next thing I saw was Nicholas running back crying with blood pouring from his nose.  Apparently he threw a temper tantrum over us leaving and cracked his nose on the step.  Nanny cleaned him up and we got another cuddle and kiss and it was on that sad note we had to leave.

Tomorrow we are off to an outdoor Christmas event in Ridgeway.  We hope for good weather, good temperaments, and a fun family outing.  Please keep praying for our family.  We are seeing great progress with all three of our kids and we pray the boys will soon feel as secure and loved as Kaitlyn.

On another note, when I got ready for bed tonight I found a note from Kaitlyn hidden under my pillow.  It said:  Dere Mom, I hope you get sumthgn speshul.  Marree Ckismis Mom.  Translation:  Dear Mommy, I hope you get something special.  Merry Christmas Mom.

I did get something special – a thoughtful and wonderful daughter, a loving husband, two fantastic boys and a Savior who loves me. Life is good.

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