5 days and counting…

This morning Kaitlyn and her Sunday school class decorated a Christmas tree on stage while their teacher read a narrative.  Kate was very proud to be the chosen one to put the star on top on the tree.  She looked beautiful in her new dress sent from family in England.

Kate and I slipped out of church early to give her some down time before we were off to see her brothers again this afternoon.  We came home, had a tea party, put together a few puzzles and she beat me soundly in chess.  When Kevin returned from church he had just enough time to change his clothes, scarf down some lunch and we were on the road again.

When we arrived at Foster Nanny’s house I rang the bell and heard squeals of laughter inside shouting, “Mommy, Daddy here!  Mommy, Daddy here!”   In no time at all we loaded the boys into the van and followed Foster Nanny and her son to the Christmas Party.

The party was fun.  The kids we able to sit on Santa’s lap and received a wrapped gift, a stuffed bear, and a bag of candy.  Afterwards there was a vocalist that got many of the kids off their seats and dancing to Christmas tunes.

Kate was thrilled with the Zoobles she received from Santa.  Jonathan was ecstatic when he opened his army truck and Nicholas was happy with his fire truck until he saw what Jonathan got – then it was tears and temper.  But Daddy saved the day eventually convincing him the fire truck was great.

Overall the visit was fantastic.  Foster Nanny is doing a great job stepping back and redirecting the boys to us for tickles and laughs and cuddles.  When we brought the boys back to Foster Nanny’s house they cried their little eyes out over having to say good-bye.  It breaks our hearts a little more each day that we have to leave them behind.  Five days to go…

2 thoughts on “5 days and counting…

  1. Carol Greenwood says:

    Laughter and tears but oh so much fun. For sure you will not forget December 2010……Kaitlyn you looked beautiful in your new dress. Carol


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