Busy Busy Busy

This past weekend was a busy one.  It was out first weekend since the boys moved home. We had family visiting, a large women’s event at church and my Sunday school class was performing.  I’m tired just remembering the weekend.

To top it all off I went caffeine free today for the first day since we heard about the boys on Nov 18th.  My head feels like it could explode.

Despite the somewhat frantic feeling that hovered over the last three days I see how God prepared and provided for me.

Our move in date with the boys was moved up to Wednesday from Friday enabling me to take part in the event I’d spent the last year planning.  My mother-in-law was helpful with the kids, meals, and as a general extra set of hands in the house. The Ladies Christmas Gala was a success and due to the thoughtfulness of my fellow women’s ministry team members much of my load was made lighter whenever possible. My Sunday school class performed a funky country western Christmas song this morning and the boys wanted to stay in the Nursery enabling me to guide my class as planned.  Due to the nature of the song my teaching partner and I enlisted the help of our choir director which relieved me of much pressure leading up to this morning.

All these things could be chalked up to coincidences or good fortune by a skeptic, but I know the truth.  Long before we knew about these boys and how they would change our lives God knew.  As we made choices and commitments in the days and weeks leading up to this season he also prepared others to step in and help.  We are very grateful to those who carried our load these last few weeks.  We are very grateful to a God who is concerned with the details.

He cares when we are over-tired.

He cares when we are pulling out our hair unsure if the current tantrum is a three-year-old being three, or a three-year-old adjusting to all the changes in his young life.

He cares.

That knowledge makes everything a little easier.  Whatever tomorrow brings I know God cares.  I know he has prepared my way.

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