Good Things

Today good things happened.

Kate is back in school and that puts us back into a nice routine. I took the boys to the Ontario Early Years program after dropping Kate at school and we had a blast. We arranged to meet a friend and stayed for two hours. Our time was filled with playing, running, squealing and circle time. Both boys were sad when it was time to leave but I’m happy to report they put their boots on with little fuss. It felt like a victory.

After school a friend came home with Kate and the boys watched a little Thomas and Friends and chilled out. After some painting and a dance party the friend went home and we sat down to what has traditionally been the most trying time of day – the dinner hour.

They both napped this afternoon (and actually slept) making tonight’s dinner hour the first that didn’t include a time out for someone. It helps they loved the meal – butternut squash soup, homemade bread and cheddar cheese cubes. Nick consumed more bowls of soup than Kevin turning down chocolate chip cookies for dessert in favor of another bowl.

They are currently splashing in the tub under Daddy’s watchful eye. The happy sounds are floating down the hallway and they make me smile.

Today good things happened.

2 thoughts on “Good Things

  1. Carol Greenwood says:

    Happy to hear a good day was had. Soon instead of hearing good night John Boy (the Walton’s) it will be good night Kaitlyn girl, good night Jonathan boy, and good night Nicholas boy. Did you ever watch the Walton’s. It was a cozy and warm T.V. series. Hugs to all, Carol


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