Family Update

We are almost at the end of Kevin’s one month parental leave. This time at home came as a pleasant surprise. We had no idea the church elders discussed the benefits of giving Kevin a month leave to bond with his new sons. What a blessing.

Over the last four weeks we have seen significant changes in our children. Both boys appear very comfortable in their new home and seem very happy. The bedtime struggles are improving. They haven’t gone away entirely; they have evolved into a more age appropriate struggle that simply comes with the territory of two young brothers sharing a room.

Dinner time is a much happier hour as well. Both boys tend to nap now making them much more pleasant during the stretch of time between 4pm and bedtime.

Kate is still thriving in her role as half big sister half little mother. She started verbalizing a slight wistfulness for the quieter days when she didn’t have to share her favorite babysitter, her parents, or a visitor’s attention. Nevertheless she firmly states she wouldn’t change anything. The boys are keepers (smile).

When Kevin returns to work next week I have one more month before I am back to work babysitting. That gives me a bit of time to find my stride without Kevin’s help during working hours.

There is still a lot to pray for concerning our family. Please remember Kaitlyn these next few weeks. Pray that she continues to love her new brothers. Please pray for us as parents. Pray that we have the time and energy to daily set aside some special time with Kate and the boys. Please pray for the boys. Please pray they continue adjusting and that they never doubt their place in our hearts.

2 thoughts on “Family Update

  1. Laura Blackman says:

    I have had you on my heart many times and now you are a regular on my prayer list.For your health, for wisdom, for strength, for creativity, for God to supply all your needs according to His great riches on your behalf. I love you my sister in Christ and although the miles separate us we’re only a prayer away. Laura


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