Writer’s Burnout

Once upon a time I believed I was a patient woman. I calmly dealt with interruptions, edited and re-wrote entire chapters with ambition and energy.

Now those days feel like a fairytale.

My overwhelming book project looms unfinished before me. Although it has brought equal measures of discouragement and excitement, today as my creative juices are at an all time low, I feel the sting of frustrating tears. I fight a desire to rip up the entire book and give up. (Or burn it – shred it – pick your pleasure.)

Recalling a time when my father used a blowtorch on the back hedge to rid himself of a pesky hornet’s nest I weigh the wisdom in rash decisions. Yes, he killed the hornets, but he also set the hedge on fire. Overreacting is out.

So what’s a writer to do?

A quick search on the internet provided me with plenty of suggestions. I can:

Take a vacation.

Take care of myself.


Read a good book.

Discard my self-imposed deadline and stop driving myself so hard.

Since I am a hobby writer and not a career writer with no impending deadlines on the horizon I plan to take a vacation from my tough writing schedule. I’ve set the book aside (for a short time) to write something fun – like my blog. I plan to use the dusty elliptical decorating our basement a little more often, find a good book and soak in a hot bath. The re-write can wait.

You may all hold me accountable.

9 thoughts on “Writer’s Burnout

  1. Merle Hagerty says:

    I once thought I would like to be a writer…but having 4 children in 6 1/2 years took all the energy, patience,and dedication I could muster up at the time. And then I had another blessing arrive in the form of a baby boy when I was 40 and my older kids were teenagers! I love your writing, Stacey, and I hope you can finish your book some day. It will wait, but the kids, your home, your husband, and you yourself will probably take most of your time for a few years.


    • staceyweeks says:

      I am finding that to be true Merle. I do love writing so I expect once I feel refreshed to be back at it. I usually prefer to write at night over watchng TV. Since the kids are in bed and Kev is usually watching a hockey game it is perfect. But I’m planning to take a few days (maybe weeks?) off and do some reading for pleasure.


  2. Rosemarie says:

    Good for you Stacey!
    I know only too well that you have to go through the stress, frustrations, and hair pulling, screaming stages before common sense prevails, I am just so pleased you have finaly got there, who knows you may even find after a few months it will all just come flooding back and you will be iching to put pen to paper. In the mean time make the most of it.


  3. Linda Weeks says:

    Reading a good book and soaking in the tub I think is what the doctor ordered for you. Take the time and do that. You deserve it!!!


  4. Jo Penner says:

    Self care – we all need to be reminded of the importance of this regardless of profession. Good for you. I tried a puzzle so I could see a finished project … Didn’t work out the best, but it was an attempt. Thanks for the reminder – writer’s block or not.


  5. staceyweeks says:

    It is a reminder I need often Jo. It’s easy to let life carry me away in a flurry of activity that I forget to stop and enjoy the moment.
    We tried a puzzle at Christmas. It ending up being more frustrating than relaxing 🙂


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