What if

Have you ever played the ‘what if’ game? I have. It usually goes something like this: “What if I won the grand prize? What if I sold a book? What if (fill in the blank).” My game usually revolves around something I want or I dream of accomplishing.

Psalm 124 is Israel’s what if scenario. They play a bit differently than me. The psalmist asks what if God had not been there? What if God had failed to save us? The psalmist goes on to list how much worse life would have been had God failed to step in on Israel’s behalf.

I am in the midst of Beth Moore’s study, the Psalms of Ascent. In today’s lesson she encourages participants to play Israel’s what if game. Because no matter how bad or hard my life has been up until now, much worse would have happened without God on my side.

So here I go. What if…

What if God had not intervened early in my career? I have no doubt I would have jumped head first into the fashion industry that memorized me. I would have immersed myself in the arts, and been swallowed completely by a culture that rarely brings glory to God.

What if God had not brought strong Christian men and women into my life? I have no doubt I would have justified my self-serving and self-centered ways.

What if God had not led Kevin and me to move from Ontario to Saskatchewan and back again? We would not have the children we have now. We might not be serving in ministry. I would have missed the many opportunities for growth that occurred during those years of marriage.

What if God had not given me a new heart and made me a new creation? I would have most certainly lived out my days trying please everyone around me at any cost with little to no thought given to pleasing God.

Beth Moore says, “From Heaven’s vantage point your story is exceedingly more exciting that you can conceive – replete with dangers, near misses, and great escapes. As many bruises, scars and successful hits as the enemy may have given us, as we study this Psalm (124), I want you to celebrate that Satan didn’t get all he wanted. That you’re sitting here doing this Bible study is one of many proofs. The Devil had no such intention. He meant to destroy you.”

He meant to destroy me but God intervened.

What about you? What are your what if’s?

Now praise God for intervening.

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