Mother of the Year

Much like how a debutante’s parents present her to society, we presented our boys this past weekend to the family living far away. This was their ‘coming out’ party for siblings and immediate family members that had yet to meet them. We planned the weekend to be simple and as unimposing as possible to limit the overload that comes from being the center of attention.

We planned a day with each side of the family. We planned everything down to the smallest last detail with great concern for Kaitlyn and the boys.

When we arrived, a full hour earlier than scheduled, I felt quite pleased with our efforts. We started the weekend on the right foot. It didn’t take long for circumstances to put me in my place and snatch the somewhat smug feeling of accomplishment from me.

I soon realized I had no clothes for the boys when I unpacked our suitcase. They had nothing except the ones they were currently wearing.

That’s right. No clothes. Not a stitch.

I give you all permission to laugh.

The stores closed in ten minutes. My mom witnessed my frantic search through the suitcase, (which included throwing all our clothes out and onto the floor), and laughed hysterically. We quickly grabbed our coats, raced to the department store, and made some purchases.

We were the last shoppers to leave the store, only an impressive five minutes after closing. I’m sure I’ve never shopped so fast in my life! As the cashier rang up our purchases, my mother shared with her the reason for our late night dash. While compassion burned in her eyes, my cheeks burned with embarrassment.

The whole situation screamed blog material! I couldn’t wait to get home and share the experience. But, a sense of humor didn’t erase the oppressive feeling of incompetency that weighed heavy on my shoulders while I stood in front of the cashier admitting my shortcomings as a mother.

If you have been there as a mother, this blog is for you. If you’ve had your shortcomings as a parent broadcast publicly I’ll keep you company and proudly hold my computer printed ‘Mother of the Year’ award (sent all the way from England praising me for remembering the children, even if they had no clothes).

I’d love to hear your stories. Maybe we can tag it our first step into transparent living together. (If that doesn’t make sense then read the previous blog entry.)

9 thoughts on “Mother of the Year

  1. Jess says:

    Oh I have done that!!!! Children arriving without undies to stay at grandmas… packed suitcases left at home. BUT…. you didn’t forget the boys at home. I got a good chuckle out of your blog. Made me feel so much more normal. If organized Stacey can forget her kids clothes maybe I am not a bad mom either. (-:


  2. Merle Hagerty says:

    When Marsha was about ten, I dropped her off at the BC Ferry that is part of the trip to Camp Homewood a WHOLE DAY EARLY! I wondered why there were no other children lined up to buy tickets, so, after I said good-bye, I phoned the camp, and was completely shocked to be informed of my big mistake! I called Marsha back, and we traveled home(1 1/2 hour one-way trip) and came back the next day! I was so glad my daughter hadn’t arrived on Quadra Island, with no Homewood Bus to pick her up, and me already half-way home (no cell phone either)! Stacey, I could write a book on this subject; however, our five children have all survived to adulthood. I think it’s called brain-overload…


  3. Ruth says:

    Stacey, embarassing moments are part of parenthood. We are humbled to the point that nothing can phase us.
    Our oldest would stubbornly dress herself at a fairly young age (3), and although the mis-matched outfits drew humourous faces in public, the day she did sommersaults in the lobby of the town office, without undies, was quite mortifying.
    And, unlike you, we HAVE forgotten our children, a number of times, mostly after church when both Ted & I have driven due to our different timed “jobs”, each thinking the other had one of the kids.
    It last happened a month ago…so don’t be too hard on yourself!


  4. Lisa Lethangue says:

    Last year sometime was my in-laws 40th wedding anniversary with a big party planned with lots of family. I meticulously packed all of our stuff, making sure I had super cute outfits for our kids for the party. I set their suitcase by the stairs for my husband to bring down. It wasn’t til we got to our in-laws that I asked where the kids suitcase was (with diapers, pj’s, EVERYTHING); he said it wasn’t by the door so it didn’t get packed. Awesome. So I too madly dashed to Zellers and bought the necessities including a kind of cute outfit for both the kids. I wasn’t as upset about the money spent as I was about the time wasted planning and packing their clothes. I feel your pain! I guarantee you’ll never forget their clothes again; I haven’t!!


    • staceyweeks says:

      Lisa, I think this might be a right of passage for Mothers! You’re right, I don’t expect I’ll do it again – and if I do, I deserve all the teasing I get!! I’m so glad I’m not alone…


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