What Every Parent Fears

This morning I got a call from the school confirming that Kate was absent. The problem was, I dropped her off at school that morning at 8:35am. Now she was unaccounted for.

In the split-second it took for staff to confirm that she was indeed in classroom, and that the teacher marked the wrong student absent, time stood still. I experienced in one heartbeat how fast circumstances can change and how powerless we are to control our own lives.

After I hung up the phone and thanked God that she was fine I remembered the quote I posted on Facebook this morning by Pam Kidd. Pam says, “Only God gives true peace –a quiet gift He sets within us just when we think we’ve exhausted our search for it. Give me the peace that comes from knowing that where I am, You are, and together we can handle whatever comes.”

I do believe with my whole heart that with God’s help I will handle whatever comes my way. But, I also suspect, until life throws a real curve your way those are easy words to say.

Today I’ve been challenged to examine my heart and discover if I really believe God is able to go with me into those dark places that every parent fears. I pray with everything in me that He will never take me down that path. But if He does, I pray just as fervently that I will turn to Him believing that He is there with me in the dark, committed to walking the road with me no matter how far, long or painful it may be.

2 thoughts on “What Every Parent Fears

  1. Ruth says:

    How true, Stacey. In the midst of the dark place is NOT the time to examine your heart and question God. We have to daily look to Him for the strength to endure anything that comes our way so that if and when it does come we are ready. He CAN give us peace in every situation.


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