I’m Scared

This rhyme was inspired by Kate back when she was three. I just found it on my computer and thought it was too cute not to share.

I’m Scared

Little girl Katie is jolly and bright, a grin on her face from daybreak to night. Until it is time to turn off the lights, “Mommy,” she calls, “I’m scared!”

She sits in her bed surrounded by dark. Inside her chest pitter- patters her heart. She winds up her lungs and gives a loud bark, “Mommy, come quick, I’m scared!”

Outside her window, the night sky is black. Lightning and thunder flashes and cracks. From under the covers, she calls her mom back, “Mommy, Oh Mommy I’m scared!”

Her heart beating hard, her feet hit the ground. In panic she runs from the night sounds. She clings to her mom, who turns her around. “But, mommy,” she cries, “I’m scared!”

With a sad little face and quivering chin Kate’s unhappy eyes fill to the rim. Mom kisses her forehead and tucks her girl in. “Katie, I know you’re scared.”

Cuddled together they snuggle and pray, “Dear Jesus please help sweet Katie feel brave. Remind her of fun she had through the day, and help her to not be scared”

Morning sun rises and brings a new day. Scary night sounds have melted away. Cupping her fingers Kate wakes mom to say, “Mommy!  I’m no longer scared!”

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