Parenting on my knees

A wise friend recently told me the nothing has the potential to drive you to your knees more often than parenting. I think she might be right!

It’s 10:43 am and I already have 2 kids in bed enjoying a morning nap instead of the usual afternoon nap for beating on one another. I have another child forbidden from playing trains today due to a piece of track flying across the dining room and skimming the chandelier leaving it rocking.


I am mentally going through my morning wondering where things went wrong. Each child has had a minimum of three time-outs totaling nine in the short span of time elapsed since rising this morning. We’ve calmly discussed the consequences to lying, pushing, shoving, throwing tantrums, and being just plain mean to our friends.

Maybe it’s the weather…

On days like this, it really hits home how it is an awesome responsibility to raise a child. I have three soft and pliable souls in my home. My response to their actions will partially shape their personalities and attitudes. Will I be patient? Will I be kind? Will I lose my cool?

I am convinced the only way a parent can stay sane on crazy days is to parent from their knees. The sustaining power of God is what carries me through these times. He fills my tank so as the children deplete it, I am not running on empty.

I do pray for my kids and for the other children in my care. I pray for my ability to care for them in a way that honors God and serves to draw them closer to Him. But, I also pray for my relationship with God. A healthy relationship with the Lord equals more energy, more patience, and an ability to respond in grace –  all things I need an abundance of today!

God wants to hear my pleas, my quips, my sadness, my joy, and my frustrations. He wants to be the first person I call, not the last. And He wants to walk alongside me in this journey called parenting. There is never a better time than now to start an ongoing discussion with God.

2 thoughts on “Parenting on my knees

  1. Ruth says:

    Isn’t it amazing that something you saw as a negative (time-outs, early naps) became a positive later on (content children, sane mother). If we make prayerful decisions we won’t regret it!


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