Blown Away

This morning the wind is speaking. Well, it is more like it is shouting! Three trees are down within spitting distance of our house, a loud boom and a crack sent the neighbors running into their backyard to investigate, and I sit here watching our backyard tree sway like a hula dancer at the mercy of the rhythm of the wind.

I feel a bit like the third little pig waiting to see if the huffing and puffing will blow down our house of bricks. Thankfully, I know the end of that story. The third little pig built his house on a strong foundation and it stayed secure under the blustery puff from the wolf.

I’m hopeful our literal house will hold secure, but even if it doesn’t my figurative foundation is strong. (Another boom just shook the house as I typed that sentence. Fourth tree down???)

The boys are oblivious to the storm happily playing. They take their cues from me and I am not concerned. God is my refuge and strength. He is present in my troubles. I will not fear though the earth gives way.

So go ahead wind. Shake, rattle and roll. Send the rain. The streams can rise, and you can blow and beat against my house; it will not fall, because my life’s foundation is on the Rock, the bedrock of Jesus.

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