Grease Lightening

Yesterday something happened to me that I had previously read about but had never experienced. My child came out of the bedroom covered in Vaseline.

We often use Vaseline to moisturize the dry patches of skin that plague our children. They all know the large tub is off-limits and only Mommy applies Vaseline. But, in Nick’s young mind, it was gooey and fun. Judging by his slippery body and slick hair, he had a blast.

Seeing his petroleum jelly grin prompted an outward smile and an inward groan. As a former hairstylist, I know what a disaster Vaseline is to remove from the hair. We started the shower marathon.

As Nick unhappily scrubbed down for the third time in less than an hour, it occurred to me that his curiosity came with a high price tag. He missed game time with the other kids as we attempted to rectify his retro 1950’s hairdo.

Sin always comes with a high price tag. Whether our slip down the slope starts with a disobedient action or innocent curiosity there is a consequence and a price. The consequence to Nick’s actions was two days of showers and it cost me free time, excess laundry, and a replacement tub of Vaseline.

I experience the consequences to my sin as I live in a fallen world filled with other sinners like me. The price of my sin is a life – either my eternal life or Jesus’ life. One of us will pay.

Jesus died on the cross and offers God payment for my sin. I can thank Him for the payment, live a life of repentance and change on earth, and eventually enjoy eternity in Heaven. Or, I can refuse it and by default commit to paying the cost myself in an eternity of Hell.

Romans 6:23 “For the wages of sin is death; but the free gift of God is eternal life in Jesus Christ our Lord.”

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