Momologist:  An innovative worker, available for 24-hour back to back shifts, works well under pressure and with high expectations. Benefits include isolation and menial tasks. Entrepreneurial qualities, current CPR and first aid are an asset.

You are a Momologist if you function like a short order cook, chauffeur, athletic coach, cheerleader, counselor, and play-mate. You’re a Momologist if you battle school boards and doctors, or studied learning styles and phonics techniques. You’re a Momologist if you juggle a career and motherhood. If you have more questions than answers yet continually find yourself answering the reoccurring query of why, you are a Momologist.

Momology is an all-consuming role. To stay on top of the chaos mothers have a tendency to look outward:

Out at the children.

Out at the dirty dishes.

Out at the waiting phone messages.

But, can I suggest to stay on top of things we should look upward, then inward? Remember you were a daughter before a mother.

Looking outward places the focus on appearances. Looking outward highlights the greener grass in the neighbor’s well-manicured yard.

In contrast, looking upward reveals there is more to this life than material things and worldly success. Looking inward uncovers personal sin that must be confessed to God.

You are a mother, on call 24/7. But before you became a mother you were a daughter. Your Father has provided you with what you need to succeed in this season of life. Perfecting motherhood is not your purpose. Motherhood is merely one platform through which you can reach your purpose, glorifying God in every season of life.

2 thoughts on “Momologist

  1. Debbie says:

    So beautiful and true! As our pastor Kevin Bayne put it in a recent message, we need to stay connected to the vine at all times. As soon as we are removed from the vine, we die. In my experience, that is the only way to be a successful momologist!


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