Want a Thriving Family?

There is a new magazine available for parents called Thriving Family Magazine. Moms and Dads, if you’re not already getting this magazine you are missing out! Below are a few tips spotted in the 2011 March/April issue of Thriving Family.

Want to know what is happening in your child’s life?

Always offer to drive. The author shares how she was enlightened and often surprised about the topics her children discussed, and how it all happened without her asking a single question.

Teaching Patience

The author tells his frustrated and impatient daughter that one day she is probably going to marry an imperfect, frustrating, perplexing man. He says it is providential that God gave her imperfect parents and siblings and that they will teach her the necessity of patience.

When your kids doubt Christianity

Josh McDowell: “I prayed for the day my kids would doubt Christianity because everybody must personalize their faith. If our kids never struggle with their faith, they will have borrowed convictions. So I had been waiting for each of my kids to come to this point.”

Fussy Eaters

Review new foods as a family. Give each person a spoonful and study the appearance. Discuss the color, shape, size and hypothesize about the taste.

Afterwards, taste the food and discuss if it is mushy, hard crunchy, smooth etc. Ban the word yucky.

After two bites, each family member rates the food with thumbs up or down – with their eyes closed to avoid undue influence. If a child doesn’t like it they are not required to eat any more. If a child likes it, they get a full serving.


Visit: http://www.thrivingfamily.ca/ to order your subscription or view online articles.

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