Ears that hear

“Can I go outside and play?” my daughter eagerly asks.

“Clean your room first,” I respond.

“Can I go outside and play?” she repeats increasing the volume of her voice.

“Clean your room first.”

“Mom, why aren’t you answering me?” She flings herself onto her bed and wails in dramatic six-year-old form.

After a few more lame attempts to bait me into an argument, she begins to clean her room.

In the midst of this conversation, I had an Ah Ha moment.

There have been times in my life that I have begged God for an answer to prayer only to wait, wait, and wait some more. I have flung myself across my bed and cried out over His lack of response. Now I wonder if He was silent or if He responded with a command that I failed to heed. Did He instruct me, as I instructed my daughter, to clean up an area of my life first?

How many times have I missed God’s blessing because I did not listen? Lord, give me ears that hear.

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