Planting Hope

This past weekend I purchased all our potted plants and hanging baskets for our yard. I decided a flowering petunia would dress-up the tree stump near the road. A stump is all that remains of a dying maple tree.

As I place down the pot, I wonder briefly if it will last the night. Not wanting to chance it, I remove the plant, screw the pot to the stump, and replace the plant. Now it is secure.

As I sit in at my window and look out into the front yard, I wonder how long it will last despite the strong hardware holding it down. A few good kicks and the plastic pot will crack.

It makes me more than a little sad to think in such negative terms about my community and to assume the plant won’t last the summer. Usually my glass is half-full, but this time… I just don’t know.

So I guess I have my own little research project going. How long until someone vandalizes my plant and it goes MIA? Does anyone have a hypothesis to offer? A few Facebook guesses already have it gone in 6 days or less and a few comments assure me that I am not the only homeowner that worries about the longevity of outside decor.

Beautiful seasonal flowers brings that picturesque paradise called Eden to my mind. I can only imagine its breathtaking beauty. God gives us glimpses of it in the spring season stirring a longing in my heart for eternity.

I’m thankful that when sin destroyed God’s perfect garden He already had a plan in motion. He made a way for us to return to Him through His Son.

This spring, as I water and care for the plants that remind me of my Father, I will thank Him for Christ and for His plan of salvation.

One thought on “Planting Hope

  1. staceyweeks says:

    My husband just made a wise comment, “God’s plan to redeem sinful humanity was Plan A, not Plan B. It wasn’t God’s “backup plan” … our sinfulness and his redemption through Christ was always part of his only plan.”

    Yes, yes, and yes. I agree with him 100%. Thank you for clarifying this Kevin. I’m editing the blog post to reflect this better.


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