Show Me Your Glory

In this season of life, I strongly sense God’s presence and I feel his tender touch prodding me into action. I yearn to hear specific instruction but He often remains silent. I know without a doubt that I have something to learn.

I ache to worship Him through writing – my preferred avenue of praise and expression. A song grows in my heart, a song for which I strangely have no words.

I petitioned those around me to give voice to the emotion overflowing from my heart. These are your words, my dear friends. They gave me my song. Thank you.

To the glory of our great and wonderful God!

You Are

Glorious and constant, merciful and holy, gracious, oh so gracious, magnificent One

Prevailing and loving, enduring and sacred, faithful, oh so faithful, undeniable One

Capable and lovely, intimate and willing, righteous, oh so righteous, compassionate One

You are true. You are good. You are just. You are right. You are grace. You are pure. You are life. You are light.

Marvelous and complex, generous and jealous, patient, oh so patient, immeasurable One

Infinite and awesome, deliberate and truthful, worthy, oh so worthy, victorious One

Sustaining and lavish, abiding and living, saving, oh so saving, irresistible One

You are vast. You are judge. You are King. You are kind. You are peace. You are here. You are life. You are mine.

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