The Ripple Effect

This week I had a wonderful surprise. I received an email from a woman who stumbled across the first article I ever had published on the Just Between Us website. JBU magazine published the article over 6 years ago but they keep it available online.

This woman Googled my name, found my blog, and contacted me through the blog. She openly shared her appreciation of the article and a bit of her life story.

The writing journey can be bittersweet. I write for my Lord and try not to allow feedback to affect me –but it’s hard. It stings when a person posts online, “Frankly – who cares?” when I’ve shared my heart. But the sting makes the occasional encouragement even sweeter. The sting keeps me humble. The sting reminds me I write for an audience of One. It’s His comments that matter.

That surprise message from a woman who I will probably never meet was such a source of encouragement. It brought to mind how many times I think about writing a note of encouragement or thanks to someone – but never get around to it. I feel challenged to ensure that the next time an article, speaker, teacher, or friend touches my life to speak up and let them know.

Can I encourage you to do the same? You never know when your words of encouragement will be the ones that cause a person to stand up again a face a new day. You never know when your kind words will be the ones that cause a sinner to seek God. You may never know the full ripple effect of your kindness. But God knows – and it makes Him smile.

2 thoughts on “The Ripple Effect

  1. Linda says:

    There have been so many times that I felt I should send out a note of encouragement and never have. Thanks for the reminder to do that.


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