Dear Diary

good-bye friend

Monday, Jan 13th:

Dear Diary,

We said good-bye to an old friend today. Our 99 Alero died a hero’s death leaving us with one vehicle for our family of five and additional five kids in and out of our home daycare.

We are going to bed in shock, a bit overwhelmed that we just put another $500 into a car now ready for the junk pile.

Tuesday, Jan 14th:

Dear Diary,

The Alero’s sudden death left us stranded at a fork in the road – do we buy again? New? Used? Do we finance or save? Is a second car a necessity or a want?

After much prayer and a bit of research we learned we can afford to buy a new-ish car but determined it is an unwise, maybe even irresponsible, financial choice. We are convinced that God is asking us to wait.

The juggling of two vehicles, one on death row for the last year, created a bit of debt. We decided it honored God best to clean up that debt rather than finance a new car. A second car makes life much easier but we will manage fine with one. It is a bit more running around for the kids and me, but it is doable.

Tonight we expect to sleep well certain God heard our prayers for wisdom and that He guided this decision.

Wednesday, Jan 15th:

Dear Diary,

Two phone calls from the dealership we visited yesterday gives me plenty of opportunity to doubt our decision but we hold firm determined to honor God with our finances.

We sold the Alero for $400 ‘as is’ making the financial loss on the last repair tolerable.

We have pulled up our bootstraps and settled in for a tight summer focused on reducing the car repair debt and saving for a new one. The whole family is on board ready to save as a team and sacrifice some of our summer plans to accommodate this new development.

Wednesday, Jan 15th: 

Dear Diary,

The most amazing thing just happened! A friend called and told us he has a car we can use for a few months if needed. It is currently just sitting in the driveway – unused.

God is faithful.

Wow. Wow. Wow.

Is anyone else saying, “Wow!” here?

I feel amazed that God has given us an opportunity to save some money but still have a second vehicle to ease the stress of our days. It blows my mind. It shouldn’t – but it does.

I have not mentioned any names because I know without a doubt our generous friend desires all praise directed toward God.

I am thankful to God for this opportunity – however long it lasts. I’m grateful for this very practical reminder that God is here, that He is real, and that He is able.

Yes, God is interested in every detail of our life. It amazes me every time.

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