Happy Anniversary to Me!

Yes, you are still on Stacey Weeks’ blog. July marks the one-year anniversary of It’s Personal, and it is the month of my 100th post. Hooray! When I started out 365 days ago, I feared I would run out of things to say. But it turns out I do have a voice. (I’m still not sure if that’s good or bad!) I’m celebrating my one year anniversary with a new look. I hope you like it.

My faith, although solid and sure, had grown a bit stale. My prayers were a bit clinical, my devotions a bit dry. I’ve spent the last twelve months begging God to ignite a fresh love for Him and He has.

He has used my commitment to blog to stretch, change, and inspire me. I’ve been blessed while I’ve fleshed out my thoughts on God, on my faith, and the hidden sin in my life. Blogging has helped move God from the background of my daily life and into the spotlight.

God changed me while I sought after Him in every part of my day. God has seen fit to answer so many of my private prayers this past year – prayers for personal growth and a deepening of my faith. And, He has given me plenty of writing material in the process.

I owe you, my readers, thanks for this renewed focus on my life. Knowing you expected more than just a simple diary entry prompted deep soul-searching and a fresh commitment to daily read His Word. Without your faithful following and encouraging comments, I might have given up and missed this blessing of a closer walk with my Lord.

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