Running on Empty

Sometimes the needs surrounding me are overwhelming. All appears lost. Evil thrives. The tragic and hopeless state of our fallen world weighs down my heavy heart.

Lifestyle addictions, relationship issues, work problems, and illness fill the lives of those in and outside the church walls. Even when I long to offer comfort, when I am trusted enough to be welcomed into their pain, I come up empty. I have nothing.

I have no doubt that I would flounder in similar circumstances. Anything I can say sounds like a weak platitude to my ears.

As despair threatens to envelop me, God illuminates truth. I am not the deliverer. I do not need words or answers to direct others to the Deliverer, to the only One with answers. I can sit beside them and hold their hand. I can intercede on their behalf. I can cover them in prayer. That is my place, words of prayer not platitudes.

I pray the Word of God will comfort them and I allow the Word of God to comfort me. I ask for wisdom from God, given through the Holy Spirit, so we can walk in a manner worthy of the Lord. I pray our lives will be fully pleasing to God, ever productive, and in a state of continual learning. I ask for God’s power to live such a life and for patience, endurance, and joy.

I give thanks to God for delivering us from darkness and for transferring us into the kingdom of His beloved Son. It is in Christ that we find redemption and forgiveness. In Christ alone, there is victory. In Christ alone. (Col 1:9-14)

Even when I have nothing, I have everything, I am not empty, but filled with the fullness of God, overflowing in His love, and trusting in His plan. This is my prayer, for me and for you.

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