Dancing with the Plunger

Four-year-old Jon slips out of his bed and paddles to the washroom. Entertaining vocal straining and groaning, complete with a soft cry of victory, float down the hall. I listen for the flush and instead hear wild sloshing.

As I leap from my chair, I imagine him elbow deep in the dirty water. But instead, he is using his superhero strength to plunge the toilet. With each thrust downward, water splashes on the vanity and his bare feet wiggle under water.

I shriek (yup, I shriek.) “What are you doing?”

“It won’t flush my poop so I ‘unging’ it.” He never takes his eyes off the toilet or breaks rhythm in his dance with the plunger. Finally, the toilet flushes. Jon looks up and grins. “You’re welcome Mom.”

Sigh. Jon is growing up.


Today I wrote in Jon’s journal to commemorate his 4th birthday. I want to express to this sensitive and loving boy my deep love for him that grows deeper by the day. As I wrote the words, “…I want so much more for you than simple words can express… my heart overflows with love, I can barely contain it…” It struck me how my words echoed God’s desire for each of us.

I believe God wants so much more for me, more than I could ever imagine or dare to dream. I believe that His heart just bursts with love when He rests his never-ending gaze upon me. He loves me – more than I can envision or understand.

I love the days I can sit back, uninterrupted, and read the book God wrote for me. He carefully penned the words that would convince me of His great love. As I spend time reading His Word and talking with Him I too, am growing up.

Our 4-year-old spiderman

2 thoughts on “Dancing with the Plunger

  1. Carol Greenwood says:

    Our God is truly an awesome God……He is so faithful…..I to so enjoy my quiet times with the Lord.
    Sending love and hugs, Carol


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