Super Simple Prayer

After reading a letter from Nana and Papa my daughter, then 2-years-old, bowed her head and prayed. “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Nana, Papa, amen.”

It was all very cute and brought a smile to my face. When she finished, I tried to add to her prayer and make it more proper.

She instantly reacted. “No mommy, all done!”

In her simple way, my two-year-old understood prayer doesn’t need to be eloquent or poetic. It doesn’t need to make sense to an eavesdropper. Her prayer is a private conversation between God and her heart, translated by the Holy Spirit.

She was right. She was done. She had lifted Nana and Papa to their heavenly Father. God heard her young heart, and blessed me in the process.

Last night I visited with a friend. At the end of our evening together, she asked the same question she always asks before we part ways. How can I pray for you? We shared with each other the current events, concerns, hopes, and dreams we cherished and feared.

Her simple question meant so much to me. She prayed for me and, I have no doubt, will continue to pray for those concerns until we visit again. In return, I had the privilege to pray for her and her family.

If Jonah could pray from inside a fish (Jonah 2:1), and my daughter can pray in such simple words, than surely you and I can be bold enough to pray anywhere and anytime. Don’t let a fear of ineloquence stop you from blessing a friend.

Pray. Pray alone. Pray with others. Pray aloud. Pray in your heart.




Katie visiting with good friends at age 2

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