A Quiet Thunder

A dream. A seed of longing pushed aside in fear of failure. God divided that seed and it birthed courage. Newly born, squinting against the bright sun of day, uncertain.

Baby steps. Struggling, falling, and awkward; looking to those older, stronger, and wiser.

Great blessing. God developed and grew a new sense a purpose that brought great satisfaction. This is from God, affirmed by His people.

Opportunity. Walking in faith produces fruit and a hope for what the future may hold. Hope gives birth to desire to pursue greater things with the end purpose of glorifying Him more.

On the cusp of success, it seemingly dissipates. Deafening silence scatters hope leaving a longing for answers, lightning bolts, and thunderous claps.

Instead, He whispers as He comes alongside. He invades as His wisdom is sought. A quiet unmistakable thunder.

Placing hope in the gift rather than the Giver of the Gift built an idol. Oh how subtle a shift, but oh, how utterly sinful and wrong.

Forgive me!

A weight lifts. Breath comes again.

Breaths of life.

Birthing dreams.

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