God in a Box

Consider your faith. Consider the reasons behind it. Examine  the sources that have fed it. Examine how you developed your present spiritual belief system and measure it against God’s Word.

It sounds great. It sounds spiritual. In reality – it’s pretty scary.

I started this journey with a tinge of fear that I might be stretched in uncomfortable ways. And for the record, it was (and still is), a tad uncomfortable. But a faith unchallenged is a faith unchanged (Beth Moore). 

I’m not going to divulge into the things I am learning about God and about myself. That is a private conversation between me and Him. Instead, I will share the image that came to my mind with the first step on the journey.

It’s not a small box. It’s not a box with a locked lid. It’s unconventional. It’s pretty. But it’s a box nonetheless. The questions I’m answering (yes, still answering) is, How many of my beliefs have put God in this box? And, do I really want to serve a God that fits in any box?

My faith stretches.

God cannot be contained. He cannot be tamed. He cannot be fully understood. There is a reason that He is called mysterious. If my finite mind ever comprehends the fullness of God, then God is smaller than an all-powerful sovereign deity. I do not serve a small God. 

Instead of fearing what I don’t understand I’m learning that it is good that everything about Him does not fit into my box. I do not want to serve a neat and tidy God. I want a God that is bigger, stronger and smarter than anything and everyone, including me.

That kind of God cannot be contained or fully understood.

That is my God.

He is NOT in the box.

2 thoughts on “God in a Box

  1. Lousie Wilding says:

    Very well put Stacey. I too am at the place that you are at. My faith is being stretched and My God doesn’t fit into the box that I have. I am so thankful that He doesn’t fit into my box and that He is proving Himself to me that He is much, much bigger than I could have ever have imagined. Praise God that He never stops working on any of us and that He tests us, stretches us and refines us to make us more “Christlike”.


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