An Attitude of Gratitude

I am five days in on a journey toward a new habit of gratitude. Godly gratitude.

What does that kind of gratitude look like? What kind of gratitude thanks God for the temper tantrum, the mountain of laundry, or the sink full of dishes? What kind of gratitude and trust does it take to walk away from a funeral/ the diagnosis/ the disappointment and say, God is good?

When God is sought in everything He cultivates that kind of gratitude in my heart. He reveals Himself when I choose to seek Him. In every moment of my day I am training myself to remain alert for His presence.

In the mess. In the burnt dinner. In the rush. He is there.

I keep a running list called my list of thanksliving. Inspired by Ann Voskamp’s book, One Thousand Gifts, I wander the grocery store, observe the children, go to bed and wake up and start all over again. I add to my list. I seek Him in this moment – every moment.

God has revealed His goodness to me in the midst of the struggle. As I type this, I smile. When I look for Him in the little things, the big things don’t seem quite so big.

Numbers 1-20 are listed in Thanksliving, 21-80 are below:

21. spontaneous generosity 22. Roadside rest-stops 23. Portable dvd players 24. Godly authors 25. Time with parents 26. Opportunities to forgive 27. Squeals of delight 28. Challenging moments 29. “I love you Mom” 30. Lingering cuddles with the hyper child 31. Unexpected visitors 32. Quiet 33. Make believe 34. Bedtime prayers 35. Date night 36. Scheduled prayer 37. Resting children 38. Late night whispers 39. Cleansing tears 40. Renewed friendships 41. The six arms and legs that overflow my laundry basket. 42. A husband who tries. 43. Three hungry mouths piling dishes in the sink. 44. Teachable moments. 45. Eager playmates. 46. God’s perfect strength. 47. Service opportunities 48. GRACE 49. Washing machines and dishwashers 50. A man of his word 51. Caffeine 52. Friendly advice 53. Group bible study 54. Accountability 55. Girl friends 56. A good cup of tea 57. Fresh corn on the cob 58. Going to bed tired 59. Sore muscles from a hard days work 60. Toothless grins 61. Old Hymns 62. Waking rested 63. A husband studying Scripture 64. Patient teachers 65. Arriving early 66. Old friends 67. Encouraging e-mails 68. Facebook comments 69. Simple fixes 70. Comfy outdoor furniture 71. Being needed 72. A sense of humor when things go awry. 73. Sisters. 74. Siblings praying together 75. Laughter 76. Replaceable parts 77. dinner 78. Contentment 79. Surprises 80. Unexpected help.

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