When the Bough Breaks

One e-mailed changed everything. Bad news rained down determined to drown my commitment to be thankful in everything. Is this a challenge from God – to remain thankful in the mess? Is it temptation from Satan to throw in the towel? I don’t know.

News struck with a severity that stole the breath from my lungs. My limbs trembled – literally. A week ago I had no idea what a lifeline my thanksliving list would be. What started as a private challenge morphed into a lifesaver to which I clung during the storm. God is good.



Never changing.


Do I have answers? It depends on the question. I have no idea why God allows heartache. I have no idea why He can, but He doesn’t. But I will tell you what I do know.

God is who He says He is.

I am who He says I am.

I can do all things through Christ.

God will do what He says He will do.

 God’s Word is alive and active in me.

Sound familiar? It might to some. Week One, Lesson one, Believing God .

My thanksliving list grows. I’m thankful that God put in place the support I would need to survive this week before the first day dawned. I’m thankful for teachers of His Word. I’m thankful for the challenge to list my gratitude. The big things don’t seem so overwhelmingly big. My God can do ANYTHING.

81. Believing God is in control. 82. Knowing God can provide. 83. God is bigger than any problem I face. 84. Moments of calm, however fleeting. 85. Deep breaths 86. High work ethics 87. Visitors 88. Competency 89. Our medical system 90. Fast service 91. Smiles 92. Answered prayer 93. God’s transforming power 94. That God doesn’t need my help 95. Miracle of changed lives 96. A warm bath 97. Prayer Warriors 98. Freedom to choose 99. For a God bigger than my questions and doubts 100. FOR NOT NEEDING THE ANSWERS 101. Victory 102. Quiet enough to hear God whisper 103. Omnipresence 104. Corrected thinking 105. Father/daughter projects 106. Mornings out 107. Praise music 108. Obedience when it is difficult 109. The cross 110. Spontaneous worship 111. Feeling God 112. Personal reflection 113. Fearless love 114. Singing out loud 115. Overcoming 116. Private worship 117. Theologically correct lyrics 118. Time 119. Adult conversation 120. Road trips 121. Hugs 122. Accomplishment 123. Ready on time 124. Going with the flow 125. Afternoons at the beach 126. Cousins 127. Sleepover giggles 128. A cool breeze 129. GPS 130. Tim Hortons 131. Gathering of God’s people 132. Preaching His Word 133. Brothers and sisters in Christ 134. Study of His Word 135. Community prayer 136. Full rain barrels 137. Intercessory prayer 138. Holy  interruptions 139. Early bedtime 140. Uninterrupted rest

4 thoughts on “When the Bough Breaks

  1. Laura Blackman says:

    Yesterday the Lord spoke in His word to me about digging a well in the valley and drinking deeply from His living waters. Not bitter waters. But in the “Land Between” answered prayer, fulfilled dremas, confusion, to ask Him for the upper and lower streams, the living water of His refreshing. So yesterday I turned from an empty cistern that cannot hold water, to Jesus, the fountain that will never run dry. Love you, Stacey, and appreciate your posting and faith in God in the valley. Drink deeply of Him today. Your bff Laura Blackman.


  2. Carol Greenwood says:

    The bough may break but you won’t fall because Jesus will be holding you in the palm of His Hands. What a beautiful picture. Sending love and hugs, Carol


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