In Everything Give Thanks

I heard someone suggest the majority of prayers uttered today need an increase in thankfulness and fewer requests. It brought a smile to my face as I near the 400 marker on my Thanksliving list. Thankfulness is my current focus as I count God’s grace and blessings in my life.

I am ever watchful for God’s presence, logging His gifts wrapped in even the smallest pleasures and trials.

This attitude has seeped into my prayer life and changed the way I converse with God. I purposefully shape my words so the focus is on thankfulness. I don’t remind God of needs and desires; I thank Him for the ways He has already worked in regards to those needs and desires.

As I focus on what God has already done and give thanks for what I believe He is currently doing, my heart feels a subtle shift. This prayer seems more worship-like than pleading. I believe I am one step closer to approaching God’s majestic throne of grace with proper humility, appreciation and awe.

 Thanksliving  261-360

 261. Enough 262. A good book and a warm bath 263. Hard work 264. Acceptance 265. Redemption 266. Being chosen 267. Stability 268. Kevin 269. History 270. Borrowed trucks 271. Gift of groceries 272. Tireless replacement workers 273. Tree ripened peaches 274. Babysitting offers 275. New toilets 276. Leftover tiles 277. Gift cards 278. Choice 279. FREEDOM 280. Tested faith 281. Positive feedback 282. Found moments 283. When all is well 284. Understanding learning styles 285. Watching my son excel 286. Natural consequences 287. Prayer meetings 288. Corporate prayer 289. Community 290. Oma’s nubby afghan 291. Soft pillows 292. A good story 293. The Living Word 294. Obedience 295. Sacrifice 296. Seven-year-old prayers 297. Victory 298. Simplicity 299. Voices raised in praise 300. Boldness 301. Soothing drinks on parched throats 302. Bright red strawberry jam 303. Full cupboards 304. Freezers filled to capacity 305. Dinner plans 306. Family meals 307. Out of town guests 308. Vases of flowers 309. Chocolate 310. Sibling giggles 311. Happy voices 312. Rested children 313. Wholesome movies 314. Not having to cook dinner 315. Leftovers 316. Fresh air 317. Cooler nights 318. Competent leaders 319. Preaching of the Word 320. Raised hands 321. Dad taking over when mom is sick 322. Healing sleep 323. Lazy days 323. Long snuggles 324. Thomas the Tank Engine 325. Anticipating the first day of school 326. Getting ready 327. Gathering supplies 328. Warm soup 329. Crackers 330. Fizzy pop 331. Head cold and sinus medication 332. Girlfriends 333. Sharing God’s goodness 334. Soft pillows 335. Quiet days 336. Family prayer 337. Bedtime 338. Normal days 339. Juice 340. Soft tissues on a raw nose 341. Happiness not dependant on circumstances 342. Bare feet 343. Worship 344. Silence 345. Coming home early 346. Saying yes to God 347. Peace in the chaos 348. Contentment with what is 349. The feeling that comes after hard obedience 350. Conversations over tea 351. Boyish giggles and tickle chases 352. Happy noise 353. Curtains puffing outward from a gusty fall day 354. When God grants a want that I know wasn’t necessary 355. Sagging branches pregnant with ripened fruit 356. Thickset grapes dripping off the vine 357. Bulging drops of rain clinging to the rose petal 358. Prodding from God 359. Found documents 360. Dancing praise

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