Beautiful Diversity

I spent this past weekend at a women’s conference with my sister and cousin. Writer and speaker Elyse Fitzpatrick challenged attendees with the question: In your pursuit of godliness, have you left Jesus behind?

The conference was great. Elyse was fantastic. The content of her talk and the content of the book she gifted each women present was top-notch. But the worship – that was outstanding.

There is something incredible about worshiping alongside 250 women representing Baptists, Brethren in Christ, Pentecostal, Mennonite Brethren, Associated Gospel, and many more denominations. It’s like a tiny glimpse into Heaven.

Women stood side by side unbothered by their external differences. Some women wore beautiful lace head coverings over long pinned-up hair. Some wore ankle length skirts, others wore jeans. Some women dressed up complete with fancy necklaces and bracelets and others came in comfortable hoodies and sweats. Despite these external differences these women worshiped together singing their praises to God without holding back.

I saw toe tapping, hand clapping, raised arms and even heard a few phrases like “Praise God!” shouted out. There were bowed heads, reverent prayers, and moments of silent reflection. We sung old hymns in old language, current choruses, popular favorites, and a few new ones I’d never heard before but found myself humming all weekend long.

I love corporate worship. Worshiping with like-minded sisters who focus on what we have in common – not what makes us different.

What a novel concept – focusing on Christ rather than our personal preferences and differences.

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