My Heart’s Cry

Precious and Most Holy God, who knows the beginning and the end, not one created person is worthy to stand before you. You know all that was and will ever be. You knew each one of us before the foundation of the world. You even know our children and their children before one day is lived.

Words cannot capture Your majesty.

It is with great anticipation your bride awaits the coming of her Groom. While our lamps are burning we pray for Your will to be done.


You are the giver –providing everything needed. You are the forgiver – absolving the horrendous sins of our hearts, hands and minds through the innocent blood of Your Son.

We are freely forgiven. Now pour out your grace enabling us to forgive and to love others the way that you love us. Without You, it cannot be done.

Begin in each one of us a faith that will become a heritage of great value to our children. Circumcise each heart. Make it new, make it clean.

Begin in me.


361. Answers coming in the midst of thankful prayer 362. Walking under the umbrella 363. Splashing in the puddles 364. Rough waves collide with the shore 365. Park hopping 366. Altered clothes, a perfect fit 367. Closure 368. Seeing the names of all our kids listed as my dependants on the gov’t website 369. The hard won battle 370. Smiling faces exiting school 371. Teachers 372. Catching up 373. Lifting a friend in prayer 374. Hearing of others starting a Thanksliving list 375. Bubbling laughter at my children’s antics 376. Five content kids in one small space 377. When the Living Word breathes fresh on me 378. Hearing, “Yummy, broccoli soup!” 379. A sister that asks how she can pray for me 380. Answers that knock me off my feet 381. Treats in the freezer 382. Doable repairs 383. 40th celebrations 384. Testimony of God’s greatness 385. Miracle of forgiveness 386. The blood that covers it all 387. Potential 388. A clean house – no matter how short lived 389. Machines that do the work for me 390. An early taste of Fall 391. Long awaited answers 392. Homemade fish and chips 393. Peaceful sleep 394. Spontaneous “I love you” 395. Parents 396. Faithfulness 397. TV in bed 398. Borrowed books 399. Dairymilk bars 400. Memories on film 401. Cleaned out garages 402. Purified water 403. Purging 404. Great deals 405. Clear blue sky 406. Bright days 407. Shaded areas 408. Adult time 409. Mid-day baths 410. Ample time to get ready 411. Small pleasures 412. Summer salads 413. In season fruit 414. Good hair days 415. Special events 416. Catered meals 417. Good company 418. New trampolines 419. Good babysitters 420. Playing Barbies with Kate 421. Oldest and youngest playing together 422. Second opinions 423. Walking the dog 424. Early bedtimes after a tiring school day 425. Happy sleep 426. Wagons that sit three 427. Waving hello across the park 428. Favors for friends 429. Exceptional deals 430. New yummy recipes 431. Baby showers 432. Evangelistic Barbie dolls 433. The gospel according to Kate 434. Ears that hear 435. Good examples 436. Calming breaths, calming moments 437. Good ideas 438. Messages on the answering machine 439. 10 second tidy 440. Park play 441. Knowing I have more to give thanks for than to complain about 442. Rhyming books 443. Two on the couch, one under each arm, praying together before bed 444. Guild memberships 445. Met needs 446. Leisure time 447. Reading for fun 448. Good dreams 449. The coverage of the blood of Christ 450. Ministry magazines 451. Downtime 452. Women’s conferences 453. 3 year old boys clutching their favorite toy in their sleep 454. A sleepy voice saying, “Mama” 455. Subscription renewals 456. Free community family events 457. My own bed 458. A tiny body crawling into bed for cuddle 459. Morning devotions with Kate 460. A small boy’s growing independence and confidence 461. That first cup of tea as the sun rises 462. Junior Kindergarteners in the playground 463. Pre-school playdates 464. Finishing well 465. MomSwap 466. A sense of humor 467. Order 468. Scheduled time in the Word 469. A nimble mind 470. Forced rest 471. Birthday dinner 472. Speech Therapists 473. Crock pot dinners 474. Hearts for God 475. Sheet music 476. Playing worship songs on the piano while the kids dance 477. Options 478. Cancelled plans 479. Unplanned evenings at home 480. Helpers in the kitchen 481. Needing a sweater 482. Thankful daughters 483. Good public schools 484. Full bellies 485. Warm beds 486. Extra comforters 487. Friends 488. Unity 489. Fulfilled prophecy 490. My children 491. The Middletons 492. First piano lesson 493. Painting second hand treasures 494. Parenting classes 495. Small group 496. Brisk evenings 497. Lively discussions 498. A heritage of faith 499. Putting feet to faith 500. Knowing where we’ve come from 501. Saturday mornings 502. Tea and crumpets 503. The six feet thundering down the hall 504. Finishing a big job 505. Steaming soup for lunch 506. Saturday afternoons with Kevin 507. Ice cream and parks 508. Hearing the kids scream with laughter together 509. Holiday plans 510. Waffle makers 511. Hand me down clothes 512. Trusting God 513. Starting fresh 514. Watching your child ride a two wheeler for the first time 515. Make believe play 516. Building bird houses and buying bird seed 517. Date night 518. Being read to by your child 519. The classics 520. Productive insomnia 521. Having the necessities. 522. Busy boys 523. Picture day 524. Relaxed in God’s arms 525. Reflection 526. Season premiers 527. Seeing daily tasks as acts of service 528. Positive team meetings 529. Unexpected breaks 530. Book Club 531. Deep questions 532. Supporting a friend 533. Peace in the frenzy 534. Choosing calm 535. Godly men 536. Birthday plans 537. When fragmented pieces mesh 538. Group projects 539. Team efforts 540. Women of faith

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