Stolen Treasures

During my first year as a married woman someone broke into our house. I arrived home to see the backside of a strange man run through my garden and hop the back fence.

I guessed something was wrong, but I didn’t know what until I tried to unlock my back door. The entire door fell off its frame. An intruder was mere moments away from being inside my home.

Days later, I found myself examining our wedding gifts and wondering what he might have stolen if given the chance. Anger rose inside of me over the brazenness of this man. Every time I thought of how close he came to gaining entrance to our home this anger intensified.

Fast forward.

It’s years later and I thankfully have a healthier perspective. No one can steal what brings me the most pleasure if I place importance on the right things. The best things in life are not purchased with money. The best things in life are not tangible.

A book titled, The Best Things in Life are Free, by Todd Outcalt, got me thinking about how often we search for pleasure in the wrong places. We spend a lot of time, effort and money looking for things to bring us pleasure – almost to obsession. Then we fret and stress over what we will do if our treasures are stolen.

There is a treasure that cannot be stolen.

No one can steal my faith or my relationship with God. There is no thief that can pluck me from God’s hand or take from me my salvation. I’ve been purchased with the blood of Christ and sealed with God’s Holy Spirit. It cannot be taken from me.

If these are things I really cherish, if these simple things are what brings me the most pleasure in life, than I’m good. All that other stuff? They’re gravy. It’s like the icing on the cake – nice to have, but not needed.

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