For Such A Time As This

I’m writing this blog from my seven-year-old daughter’s computer. Somehow I have managed to crash another hard drive once again possibly loosing valuable documents.

On a happier note, those that follow my blog should remember my frustrating experience with our groaning and noisy Mazda MPV. I believe our capable garage has managed to fix the mystery noise –hooray! I remember when just looking at our van made my blood pressure rise. The memory gives me hope that in a few months I might be able to discuss the crashing computers with similar ease.

The trappings of our modern and electronic world can cause great grief. Sometimes I wistfully daydream of eras gone by and wonder what life might have been like before computers, television, vehicles, and gadgets. Sometimes I even wish I could go back to Christ’s days and witness life as He knew it.

But God did not plan my days for back then. He planned my life today – in this time, in this culture, in this world as it currently stands. All my romanticized dreams about the good old days doesn’t change that God has a purpose for me here and now. This is the generation to which God has called me to speak. This is the culture I am called to impact. This is the life He has given me and I must use it to glorify Him.

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