You Are Mine

Lost in innocent childhood dreams you slumber.

A kiss pressed onto your forehead brands you as mine.

I tiptoe into the throne room.

Grateful for my peaceful dreamers.

The open Book stretches across my lap.

I search for Hope.

Wet eyes scan the ancient text, and then slide shut.

Grateful for Living Words.

Murmurs slip from my lips and rise toward the ear of Hope.

Open hands stretch for more, always wanting more.

Uncurling the fingers that clutch them tight, I lay my dreams down.

Grateful for second chances.

Thanksliving 541 – 640

541.Text messages from my sister 542. Birthday gifts 543. Surprises 544. Discovering others know you better than you dreamed 545.Beautiful renovations and the hands that do them 546. Big family dinners 547.Late candle lit dinner 548. Being the first to rise 549. Not having to rush 550.Multiple bible studies 551. Being needed 552. Invitations to snuggle 553. Paying it forward 554. Being used by God 555. Witnessing answered prayers 556. Trusting God has a plan 557. Swimming upstream 558. Morning exercises 559. That first stretch in the early hours 560. Clean comedy 561. Small fingers playing piano 562. Long talks about silly things 563. Animated faces recounting the day’s adventures 564. The crispy leaves dancing along the sidewalk 565. The wind blowing back long tresses 566. Missing front teeth 567. Fascination with God’s creation 568. Stretches in the Word 569. Meaningful prayer 570. Challenging teaching 571. Choosing wisely 572. Power made perfect in weakness 573. Sufficient grace 574. These early years building memories 575. Sizzle of pancakes in a hot pan 576. Plans coming together 577. New friends digging deep 578. Getting to the heart of the matter 579. Living in victory 580. Pliable hearts 581. Small group discussion 582. Stronger muscles 583. Pilates 584. Rising before others 585. Growing with God 586. Leaves turning colors 587. Turkey and stuffing 588. Have more to give thanks for than I can express 589. Extravagant love 590. Renouncing sin 591. Confessing out loud 592. Long talks while tucking in Kate 593. Helping Kate process heavy faith questions 594. Forgiveness within the family 595. Restoration 596. Lifted burdens 597. Optimism 598. Above and beyond what I asked 599. Experiencing God’s goodness 600. Trusting HIS time 601. Encouragement of other believers 602. Cold hands warmed around a hot cup of tea 603. Unity within the diversity 604. God’s bigger plan 605. Mid-day chats with my sister 606. Girlfriends that are like sisters 607. Open bibles around the discussion table 608. Freedom 609. Peace 610. Safety 611. Our home 612. New windows 613. Recovered documents – again 614. A quiet van 615. Emergency money 616. Time for quiet 617. Beginning in His Word 618. Family worship time 619. New hearts 620. Women who pray 621. New water heaters 622. Second chances 623. Third chances 624. Fourth chances 625. New beginnings 626. Solid foundations 627. New material 628. Seeing your children “get it” 629. Discovering the greater purpose 630. Personal revival 631. Secret Sisters 632. Afternoon naps 633. Pajama Days 634. Living Words 635. Sunday morning worship 636. Hard consequences 637. Trusting God when He says No 638. Leaping in faith 639. Making do 640. Going without

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