How to have a Happy Halloween

This year October 31st was nothing like last year. Last year we encountered the dark side of Halloween and it left a bad taste in the mouths of these parents. As a result we offered some alternatives to Kate and the boys and they happily agreed on what I hope will become our new Halloween tradition.

We dressed the kids in their costume finery, visited the neighbour, and opened Halloween treat bags from the grandparents. Then we piled into the van and headed for dinner at Swiss Chalet.

The restaurant was quiet on an evening most families bustled about the community knocking on doors. The kids received much attention and treats from the wait staff. With full tummies we drove off to visit a much loved babysitter, a few friends and returned home with happy tired kids.

On November first we piled back into the van and visited Walmart to purchase 75% off candy for school lunches. The kids enjoyed picking their own treats and labored over the decision.

I never imagined that one day I’d be a parent looking for alternative ways to celebrate Halloween. But when decorating gets out of hand and the celebration of darkness and evil takes over, I say enough.

Philippians 4:8, “Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.”

4 thoughts on “How to have a Happy Halloween

  1. Terri Ulley says:

    Stacey, what a wonderful way to enjoy October 31. I too have difficulty with the dark side of this event. I was never allowed as a child to dress up or participate in collecting candy. I have a hard time wrapping my mind around all the hoopla for this “holiday”. I wish I had been able to think outside the box, as you and you family did, for my family too when they were younger. Well done!


    • staceyweeks says:

      Thanks Terri. It took us a while to land on an alternative but we finally found one that pleased all the kids and us. We don’t get out for dinner as a family much so that was a real treat. And Swiss Chalet is so affordable it easily fit into our budget once we knew to plan for it.


  2. C. Goreham says:

    I sure can relate 100%! Last year, we took the kids on an adventure to the Sandhills in Saskatchewan in their costumes and went to an alternative party at one of the local churches. We didn’t go out trick-or-treating, but we still handed out candy. A couple of older neighbour couples gave us candy at a later date, because they were expecting us to come trick-or-treating. This year, we didn’t make it to the alternative party, and since Koddi is doing a course in Calgary, we didn’t go on an adventure, either. I was alone with the kids on Oct. 31, and so we drove to Matthias’ teacher’s house, went through the drive-thru at McD’s, and then stopped by a few neighbours’ houses before coming back home to hand out candy. The kids were happy with their one small bucket of candy, and I was happy that we didn’t have to be out when it was dark. The kids were more than ready to go to bed at their regular time, and so we “closed up shop”, and placed the bowl of candy on the doorstep. Unfortunately, within ten minutes, the entire bowl of candy was gone, and someone had smashed Matthias’ pumpkin. It’s amazing the darkness and utter disrespect that seems to be so prevalent at Halloween. It’s certainly not the same as when we were kids, and I think a lot of people our age are lamenting that fact. I think many are feeling it necessary to find an alternative, because we don’t want to be involved in that darkness. Thanks for sharing your experience. I can see why you all enjoyed it so much more. :o)


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