Novel Update

I’ve been asked numerous times to give an update on the publication of my novel. So here it is!

First, thank you to those that are walking alongside of me on the journey of book publishing. I expect to have my book back from my editor by the end of November. I will make her suggested changes and then fire it off to my agent who will pitch it to publishers. I do have a short list of preferred traditional publishers so please pray one of them purchases the manuscript!

Due to unexpected delays the edited copy has taken months to be returned. I’ve done my best to stay positive and active while waiting and I’m happy to report that by the end of November I should have a second book ready for my editor to work over. I do dream of being more than a one shot wonder in the publishing world.

This journey has been a great exercise in patience. God has used every step of the process to teach me something new about myself. He has shown to me over and over how He can take everything that happens around me and use it for good in my life. I’ve learned to have fewer assumptions about the future and to take my present in stride trusting His timing and His plan.

Fewer assumptions do not mean I’ve stopped dreaming – Oh I’m dreaming alright! Please pray that God will be glorified through my stories. I ache to worship Him through writing and I am hopeful my dreams of book publishing and sharing my faith through fiction will come to reality.

I appreciate the tremendous encouragement you often send my way. That encouragement has helped make the project possible and my dream of completing a manuscript a reality. Thank you!

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