Taking The High Road

We recently celebrated Jon’s promotion into the car booster seat with great enthusiasm. It makes travel so much easier. When Jon stepped onto the scale and saw the number 40 appear he thrust his fist into the air and punctuated the action with a resounding, “Yes, I’m growing!”

We all celebrated with him, some family members more ardently than others.

Kaitlyn has faithfully weighed herself weekly in hopes of reaching booster seat status. She struggled with the unfairness of it all. As the eldest sibling she should reach this milestone first.

I saw in her expression how much she wanted to cry when Jon obtained what she longed for. I saw her struggle to maintain composure the first time Jon buckled up. I saw the difficulty.

I also saw her swallow her disappointment and offer a weak smile. I saw determination rise up as she chose to put her sadness aside and focus on something positive. I saw something beautiful.

It’s been difficult watching her new brother swoop in and obtain something she has wanted for years. But she did what many adults struggle to do – she took the high road. She set aside her wants and celebrated with her brother. She refused to complain about something she couldn’t change.

As a parent I am forever aware that my actions constantly teach my children. This time, Kaitlyn’s actions taught me. Things don’t always unfold the way you plan. Sometimes others win, and life isn’t all about me.

Thanks for the reminder Kate.

4 thoughts on “Taking The High Road

  1. Laura Meraw says:

    wow! It’s so encouraging to hear that Kaitelyn is learning how to put her faith into action even at her young age! As parents, we try so hard to protect our kids from any and all suffering (and of course we should). But sooner or later our kids will suffer from something, and I think that often God’s finest work is done during those hard times. Keep your chin up Kaitlyn, you’ll get into that booster soon!


    • staceyweeks says:

      Kate has loved the positive feedback this blog generated. Everyone’s facebook comments, blog comments and e-mails have really impacted her. Thanks!!!
      I agree Laura, God uses these struggles to develop character.


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