Happy Thanksliving

In honor of our American neighbors who celebrate their Thanksgiving today, here is the latest installment in my Thanksliving list. It seems so long ago I started this journey of listing 1000 things for which I am thankful. This challenge has changed the way I view struggles, triumphs, and stress.
I’m nearing the end of my official list, but I am far from finished being thankful. To God be the glory.

Thanksliving 641-720

641. Alone time 642. Therapeutic blogs 643. Moving on 644. Knowing my place 645. Small victories 646. Renovation projects 647. A fresh coat of paint 648. Plans 649. Dreams 650. Kijiji finds 651. Healthy relationships 652. Kids in costumes 653. Fun Halloween alternatives 654. Sparkling eyes 655. Advent crafts 656. Mild November days 657. Fresh cut grass 658. A note from my editor 659. Hope for a manuscript 660. A friend’s baby shower 661. One on one time 662. Positive feedback 663. Confirmation 664. Long distance friendships 665. Completed projects 666. Happy children 667. Full stomachs 668. Craft club 669. Libraries 670. Prayers written out long hand 671. A husband who prays 672. New habits 673. Squeeze hugs that hurt 674. New windows – one at a time 675. Carpet runners and paint 676. Siblings 677. Good report card 678. Christ-like behavior  679. Seeing God’s hand at work 680. Knowing it’s not my project – It’s God’s project 681. Editing 682. Proof readers 683. Pretty things 684. Walking in faith 685. Obeying in the now 686. Not needing to know why 687. Modern medicine 688. Specialists 689. Friends like sisters 690. Sister that’s a friend 691. Dreams 692. Helping hands 693. Positive development 694. Answered prayers 695. Small victories 696. New friendships 697. Re-purposing old things 698. Starting over 699. Team work 700. Family fun 701. Homemade goodies 702. Gifts with meaning 703. Choosing wisely 704. Making it count 705. Stretching beyond our limitations 706. Peace with God 707. Hand me downs 708. Playing piano 709. New hearts 710. Integrity 711. Purity 712. Innocence 713. Honesty, even when it hurts 714. Joy in the presence of God 715. Signs of God’s favor 716. Eyes that see and ears that hear 717. Being neither rich nor poor 718. Wise words 719. Fearless love 720. Wisdom from God

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